For C-Level, division-level, and business unit leaders who seek to strengthen their leadership skills and effectiveness for their organizations and their own professional development. I work in partnership with executive leaders to help them move forward with a clear and balanced approach to achieving near-term and long-term goals, and to inspire and motivate leaders to deliver their best.

The focus of this coaching centers on the executive leader’s ability to be clear in terms of roles and responsibilities, goals, expectations and action, and to be agile and adaptive along the way.

My guiding principles to Executive Leadership Coaching:

  • ​The leader being coached identifies and prioritizes coaching goals and outcomes
  • We are co-equals in this important work
  • People are complex, which requires a holistic approach to coaching so that leaders can bring their whole authentic self to the leadership role
  • My role is to develop the individual’s resourcefulness in resolving challenges or issues
  • I support, challenge, and inspire solutions to obstacles and achievement of goals
  • Leadership Coaching is about positive change and action​

 "Thank you so much! I would not be the leader I strive to be every day if it weren’t for the many good things you taught me about myself."

- Chief Executive Officer 

 "Tim did a great job sharpening my own ideas and motivating me to put them into action. Tim was the perfect sounding board to find out about what might be considered as normal corporate practices. Tim helped me organize my own thoughts and additional new ideas into a plan to take my company to the next level."

- CEO & Founder Wireless Industry Company