Strategic planning facilitation

 Strategic Planning Facilitation is the art of guiding and bringing out the best thinking of leadership groups.

This facilitation enhances and empowers the process of achieving clarity and consensus on the vision and key strategies for the organization, effectively and efficiently. This engagement can occur in a variety of environments including onsite, offsite and during a corporate leadership or planning retreat for:

  • Executive Leadership Team
  • Board of Directors and Senior Management
  • Medical Group and Other Professional organizations


Medical Group Practices are unique professional services organizations. They rely on decision-making independence and collaborative interdependence, as well as infrastructure that supports delivery of the mission, vision, and strategy with operational excellence in financial, regulatory, care delivery, and marketplace functions.

Facilitated Strategic Planning helps medical groups achieve collaborative integration and drive higher levels of performance medical groups to thrive in an ever-changing market and industry. 


Board of Directors are under increasing scrutiny and pressure to work effectively and efficiently to bring their collective wisdom to empower the CEO, drive company results, and build a sustainably successful company.

Boards in need of facilitated strategic planning support either over-manage leadership or abdicate too much to the CEO. Both approaches can impact decision-making and cause potential problems in company performance.

Facilitated Strategic Planning helps the BOD set strategic parameters for the Leadership Team and empower them to effectively utilize their resources to set and achieve goals in key dimensions. 


 Facilitated Strategic Planning can help Executive Leadership Teams work effectively within the strategic parameters established by the Board of Directors or other stakeholders and bring a fresh perspective in developing growth-inspired plans for the organization.

We use proprietary Strategy Development Tools and an efficient, results-focused approach to help Executive Leadership Teams assess the benefits and likelihood for success of possible initiatives. This structured approach guides the leadership team to identify the key strategies that can be delivered with confidence to Board, other stakeholders and the organization. 

 "Tim was engaged to support and facilitate a portion of our Annual Board Planning retreat. Tim took the time to truly understand some of our more underlying objectives for developing a cohesive team that communicated and trusted the commitment of each individual to the overall goal. He was purposeful with his approach and feedback after the meeting was very positive from the Board. His approach, commitment to our needs and follow up have provided the foundation for a successful year."

- Board Chair

"You are good at putting the complex into bite-sized pieces, which helps me in my focus. You have helped me articulate what is important and move from instinct to purposeful intention.
You are a good thought partner to think strategically and helped me improve my executive presence."

- S.V.P.